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Digital Marketing Strategies

                 Did you know that in 2020, over two billion people purchased goods or services online, and e-retail sales surpassed 4.2 trillion dollars worldwide? This global pandemic is causing online businesses to skyrocket utilizing digital marketing while traditional brick and mortar businesses are closing fast. Potential clients are finding that shopping for products and services online is more convenient. No store hours to worry about, shop day or night from anywhere in the world. And the new generation of consumers are more educated and price-conscious than ever before, they will visit your website and read reviews and, if you’re not online well, you’re not even considered. According to Forbes, U.S Sales in 2022 will surpass 1 Trillion dollars, are you ready?
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Digital marketing includes website design and maintenance which is our specialty.  We design a website based on your companies specific needs, then we custom craft it so you stand out from your competition.  And our goal is clear, create a website that is easy to find, use and navigate.  As a result, your customers stay longer, read more and utilize your website more often. We offer several maintenance plans to keep your site up to date and running effectively.  Contact Us to see what PM Marketing Pro can do for you.


Digital marketing

James V Crouch

With our new online store, we have now become a global Art Gallery overnight. This helped with opening new exhibits during a pandemic. I just love my new site, and can't wait to dominate a global market! Thank you PM Marketing Pro

Jenny Lucus

Jenny Lucus

I was skeptical at first, but I gave it a try, I'm in Insurance and was spending over $1000.00 a week on leads that barely converted. So I tried the Lead Generation System and now I spend less and sell more Thank you guys

Digital Marketing Strategies

In today’s digital world traditional businesses are struggling to survive, radio spots, tv commercials and print ads are no longer effective. So more and more businesses are transitioning to online stores and social media ads to bring back and grow their customer base.  And with 2021 E-Commerce sales topping $900 Billion and 2022 sales are projected to top $1 Trillion everyone wants in. But did you know that over 60% of small to medium-size businesses aren’t even online? And when asked why the number one answer was we built our own website and no one ever visited it so we stopped. So that is why a professional digital marketing strategy that is effective and affordable is so important. And at PM Marketing Pro we are internet and marketing pro’s so we make sure that your website is properly built and is easily found. 

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social media ads

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Insurance Agent

People today spend a great deal of time online and especially on social media. They post pictures and videos about their lives, they check in with friends and family and most importantly they get advice on new products and services to use based on their online habits. Our unique targeted ads will hit home with your potential market and increase your business. We work with you to refine these ads to increase your ROI. And our maintenance programs will help keep your ads fresh and updated while continuing to send new potential clients your way.

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Digital Marketing

Digital marketing
Digital marketing

Digital marketing is a multi-layered process, paid ads (PPC), social media ads, SEO, blogs, link exchange, articles, email marketing, and these days “Landing Pages”. Landing Pages are a great way to increase interest in your product or service. What they are is a stand-alone website with a single purpose or “call to action” (CTA). That can be “Claim a free e-book” or “get a free quote” and even “Buy now and receive” … could be a discount or a free item with purchase. These landing pages are crafted to cause the reader to take action, buy now, fill in your information and get a free gift. Either way, you get a new prospect or a sale. 

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