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    Lead generation is how all new clients are found. It doesn’t matter if your potential client saw a tv ad, drove by a billboard, or heard a radio spot, it is still a new lead. The question is what is right for your business today? TV, radio, billboards are all expensive, and to be honest, they aren’t effective. Today’s market has shifted to over 80% online. We go online and spend hours on social media sites, we cruise the internet to find new products and read reviews and more and more today we order a product or service online virtually.

    For most businesses, the day of face-to-face business is rapidly going away. Search engines and Social media ads are dominating almost all industries and if you’re not online, your business is either dying or standing still. If you want your business to thrive in the new age of social media and social distancing you, simply need to generate your leads online.

How lead generation works

Lead generation

What we do

Setup/manage your Social media ads account *

Setup/manage your Google PPC account *

Help setup and manage your ad budget

Build/manage landing pages/data forms

Build/manage appointment setting pages

Setup Calendar integration

Build/manage email/text forwarding system

Provide custom scripts for virtual appointment setting

Watch your business skyrocket

What we do

    We work with you to custom craft social media and internet ads designed to get potential clients to click on your ad for more information. This usually will send them to a custom landing page which will prompt them into filling out their information, booking an appointment on your calendar, and sending them to a thank you page that will give them your information such as state licenses, photos, or even a bio. That page will let them know to expect your call and because they already know who you are, and have seen your credentials, you are 80% more likely to make contact with a well-vetted lead that is interested in your product or service.

Email Lead

lead generation

Text Lead

Calendar Appointment

lead generation


    Are you tired of spending all your money on leads only to hear that they “never requested the information” and that you are “the 100th person to call them today?” Or better yet they thought your product or service was a “free government program“. We understand because we have been right where you are now, buying leads and hoping and praying to get them on the phone to book an appointment or schedule a phone call only to find that the majority of the leads you spent money on aren’t interested or have already purchased your product or service from another company.


    There are many reasons these things happen to sales agents, the main reason we have found is the time delay between your potential client filling out the form and the time you receive your lead. We all know that when a client fills out a lead form the first person to contact them is usually the one who will win their business. We will help you take control of the most important part of your business, your lead flow! Your leads will be generated just for you and can even be texted or emailed directly to you within seconds of the form being submitted. If you’re consistently the first person to contact your leads you will generate more business!



Lead Generation


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