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       Did you know that last year E-commerce sales went over $900 billion US dollars and sale are on track to break the $1 Trillion dollar mark this coming year. So the question is, how does your business take advantage of major boost in online business. Well social media ads are a large portion of this amazing growth. People spend hours online these days, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tic Toc are major platforms where you can keep up with trends, check in with friends and family and most importantly find new products and services. Have you ever gone online looking for a product or service and then all of a sudden every ad in your web browser or on your social media account is for a similar product? Well that is called “Targeted Marketing” and that is exactly what social media ads do for you.

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Susan Mayer

Insurance Agent

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Joe's Mobil Auto

Auto Repair Shop

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Rosati's Pizza

Restaurant Delivery

PM Marketing Pro will work with you to hand craft ads that resonate with your core marketing group. We continue to help adjust your ads to maximize your return. These ads will include a custom audience that will help target the people who are seeking your product or service or a related products or services. We can adjust you ad to be zip code specific or we can adjust it to target a specific age range or demographics, like, single parents or new home owner, maybe yoga enthusiasts or even pizza lover’s. Any way you slice it a custom audience is the most effective way to utilize your businesses marketing budget.

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Michael Johnston

Our little agency was struggling to find new client's in our area. We tried local papers and even setup booths at local street fairs. Our client pool was just to small. Now we are using social media ads and we have been able to reach client all over our state. This made all the difference to a small local agency. Thank you guys for taking the time to adjust our ads to fully capture a wider range of client.

Lori Hunt

I love these ads, we update them often to show potential buyers the new home inventory that we have. They see our ad and click "call now" and my phone ring where ever I am. So instead of plastering my face on bus stops and billboards I show up in their social media stream. and with the system always learning we have dialed in our potential buyer market.


social media ads

Jason R

Insurance Agent

social media ads

Chuck M

Auto Towing

The real power of a Social media ad is the targeting of potential clients. Most people are online in their social media accounts several times a day and both younger generations and seniors are now spending more time online then they are watching TV. So this is the perfect place to showcase your product or service. Especially because your ad will target people who are already looking for a similar product or service.

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