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         Web design and maintenance create a memorable experience for your clients.  And when your website is clear and easy to navigate your potential client will most likely return and utilize your product or service again and again. Because web design is a delicate balance of copy, graphics and video that help tell your story, sell your product, inform your reader or cause them to visit your location you need to make sure it’s done right. But web design is only one part of a more complex situation. Maintenance keeps your site up and running and can even help potential clients find you online.

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     We will build your new website from scratch, work with you to hone in your sites design and copy and launch it live.  And our services doesn’t stop there, we can host your site and provide updates thru our maintenance plans. Your maintenance includes monthly software and page updates so your content is always fresh and your website doesn’t go down. PM Marketing Pro provides monthly website backups and even basic SEO and Link exchange programs.

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Maintenance Plans

For any business today a strong web presence is important if they expect to compete in the new digital world. More and more companies are going online and a lot of them are learning that they need someone to update their site, keep the hosting and software up to date and even fix things like broken links or missing images. We find that large companies usually have deep pockets and can afford a dedicated “webmaster” to keep their most important marketing tool up and running. But what if you don’t have deep pockets or the time to learn and maintain your own site? Well, that’s where we come in PM Marketing Pro offers basic maintenance plans starting at only $49.00

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